A Few Notes on Shipping Tools

Shipping tools over the past two years has been challenging. We have faced delays, price increases, service disruptions, and lots of general frustration. Here are a few notes of recent changes

I am switching to UPS for more of my shipping. On April 3, 2022 the USPS instituted a surcharge on all packages over 24 inches in length. the charge for all boxes over 30 inches in length is $15 USD. This makes shipping tools like planes and saws considerably more expensive to send by USPS. As a result I am switching to UPS for most of my shipping to keep your costs as low as possible. If you can’t receive UPS packages (PO BOX, APO, etc.) please let me know.

International shipping is coming back online after the pandemic. I can now send small packages 1st Class International to Australia and Canada once more. I also have a new shipping option for small parcels that could be a real cost saver. Anything larger than a foot or more than four pounds is going to be costly.

As always, I do my best to get your tools to you safely, on time, and at the lowest cost.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event Recap

Two weeks ago I attended the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Manchester, CT. I mentioned this on my blog and invited you to stop by and say hi. A number of you asked for a report so here it goes, complete with pictures.

The two day event was a huge success for me. I went there with high hopes but almost no expectations.  My idea was to setup a few tables of tools for sale and set out some tools from my own shop to demonstrate. Having never setup at an event like this my goals were simply to meet a few of my customers I had previously only communicated with by email, and perform a few demonstrations without making a fool of myself. Along the way I hoped to sell some tools as well.

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